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Lot 2 One in the Chamber x Hired Man Steer

Lot 9 American Pharoah x Sunseeker Heifer

Lot 13: Dakota Gold x SULL Shorthorn Heifer

We have been raising club calves for the last 10+ years. We are a small operation that focuses on strong maternal genetics that raise some of the best club calves. While we strive to develop the best club calves, at the same time they must be sound, marketable and efficient cattle. We have had many Rate of Gain Champions at the county fair levels. Some of the maternal genetics we offer include: Meyer 734, Habanero, Draftpick, and Final Answer. We take great pride in our easy keeping, docile females that provide cattle for all types of buyers from the show circuit to the small county fair.

2040 Peach Rd.  Irwin, IA 51446

H: 712-782-3272   C: 712-579-2619

Travis Smith
32360 Rd T
Aurora, NE 68818
Jeremy Smith
108 E Front Street
Arcadia, IA 51430
Allen Smith
15109 Douglas Parkway
Urbandale, IA 50323